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Dear Ho’oponopono friend,

I hope you have had a good week.

Yesterday I received the following very inspiring email from a subscriber of mine in the USA that I wanted to share with you (with the author’s permission).

I hope you find Michael’s email and my answer to him helpful to you:

“Hi Saul,

That was a very nice letter and response with Lilia.  I have read Zero Limits, and have been using Ho’oponopono off and on for the past 3 years.  I am writing because recently I have taken a physically demanding job that is not mentally stimulating at all.  This has given me the opportunity to practice consciously repeating the 4 phrases.  What I have found during the last 6 weeks is that I am much more calm than I used to be.  The tendency used to be that as the day progressed the tension would mount within me and within most of the staff.

Last week we lost my brother-in-law after a long illness, and my father’s battle with cancer has taken a dramatic turn for the worst and we have moved into the palliative phase much sooner than we all expected.  Again the repetition of the phrases has helped.  I believe it is not necessary but having the explanations of what may be going on unconsciously has been a help as well.

I find that I need to keep the phrases in the front of my mind, and if I don’t then my mind drifts to daily concerns they in turn provide prompts to repeat the phrases.  Do the phrases ever repeat in the background without the conscious repeating?

Thanks for all you do, the notes from Zero Limits are very inspiring. 


Michael Morse

Here is my response to Michael:

“Hi Michael,

Thank you for your wonderful email.

I really appreciate it so much.

You are a very brave man.

I find that the more that I “clean”, the easier it is then for my subconscious mind to “clean” automatically.

This is a wonderful gift when it happens.



We are all going through our own personal challenges and I know how grateful I am to have Ho’oponopono in my life.

People like you and Michael are the reason that I put so much effort into spreading the Ho’oponopono message in the world.

Have a great w/e.

Your Ho’oponopono friend,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Living Ho’oponopono

Dear Ho’oponopono friends,

I hope you are well.

Firstly, I am very excited to let you know that our Ho’oponopono Facebook community page today reached 800 likes!

As you know, I am 100% passionate about Ho’oponopono and that everyday I post Ho’oponopono content to this page.

If you have not already liked our Ho’oponopono Facebook community page please do so now at:

Secondly, I am busy compiling an exciting new book entitled: “Living Ho’oponopono: Real Stories of Inspiration.”


The forward to the book has been written by my friend and mentor Dr. Joe Vitale.

I would love to include your personal story about how Ho’oponopono has had an impact on your life.

If you would like to be included in our book, please email your story to: saulmaraney[at] as soon as possible.

I hope you have a great week further!

Your Ho’oponopono friend,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

Creator of:

Your Ho’oponopono friend,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

Weekend Ho’oponopono parable


Hi Ho’oponopono friends,

I hope you are well!

Last night I arrived in Cape Town (which is a two hour flight from Johannesburg) to come and visit my 3 kids for the weekend.

See a picture for the 4 of us here:

It has been almost two years since my kids have been living away from me, and it is so wonderful to see them again. – I get to see them now one weekend every six or seven weeks.

I know now how important it is for me to bring my “best self” when I come to visit them, so I am especially grateful to have Ho’oponopono to assist me in this regard.

While on the plane last night, I came across an incredible parable which deeply touched me. – I thought I would share it with you. So here it is. I hope you enjoy it:

Mr. Rogoff finally arrived in the village of Wielgie, Poland.

After a five-hour train ride from Warsaw, and a two-hour horse and buggy excursion, Mr. Rogoff concluded the last leg of his trip by foot. Upon arriving in the village, he immediately inquired as to the whereabouts of its most famous resident.

With trepidation, Mr. Rogoff knocked on the door and it was opened by an old, bent-over man who asked him to please enter.

Mr. Rogoff explained that he was visiting from America and strongly desired to meet the world famous sage.

Looking around, Mr. Rogoff noticed that the house was bare of furniture as if it had been hit by a hurricane. There was just one table, two chairs, a bookcase and a bed.

“May I ask a question?” asked Mr. Rogoff.

“Certainly, my son,” responded the sage.

“I don’t notice any furniture in your home. Where is all your furniture?”

The sage, unaffected by the guest’s remark, asked in turn, “And may I ask you a question, young man?”

“Certainly,” came the reply.

“Where is all your furniture?”

Taken aback by the response, Mr. Rogoff cried out, “I have a custom kitchen, oak dining room set, and beautiful bedroom set – all at my house in New York. Do tourists generally take such possessions along in a moving van? I’m only passing through!”

To which the sage replied, “And I also am only passing through.”

This parable reminded me on a very deep level this world is only a temporary stop, that we are all on a journey and that we must all consider our priorities – our true destination – and not only our comfort during the short trip.

I hope you have a great w/e.

Speak to you soon.

Your Ho’oponopono friend,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Ho’oponopono Miracles!


Hi Ho’oponopono friends,

Some time ago I heard a wonderful interview with Dr Len on “News for the Soul” Internet radio.

Below are the personal notes I made:

The Hooponopono River

Regards, Saul Maraney –

  1. I am open to miracles.
  2. We heal ourselves.
  3. I fix all problems within myself.
  4. I realize that life is an “inside job”.
  5. There is nothing outside.
  6. I do not experience people and situations in and of themselves.
  7. I need to remember, and watch myself, and constantly say to myself: “What I am seeing is not really what is, what I am seeing is my reaction to it”.
  8. Something within me is creating what I am seeing, and I have to let that go.
  9. Ask myself: “What is going on in me that I am experiencing this type of environment?”
  10. I am experiencing things coming from reaction.
  11. Ask myself: “What is going on in me that I am experiencing things to be so?”
  12. I say to The Divine: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I perceive the world to be this certain way; Thank You.”
  13. Through transmutation, The Divinity reaches into my subconscious mind and erases whatever is going on in me (my memories) that I perceive the problem to be.
  14. I incessantly do my Ho’oponopono cleaning by only working on myself and watching what goes on in me.
  15. Being 100% responsible is very powerful.
  16. I am working on my perception of people / things.
  17. I work on what is going on in me (my memories) that I perceive people to be a certain way.
  18. Joseph Lybin (University Of California, San Francisco) said: “We never decide to see something the way it is, it is always something inside us that decides that that’s the way we are going to perceive the world”.
  19. I am working with the memories inside me, by saying to The Divine in me: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I perceive the world to be this certain way; Thank You.”
  20. Because I am willing to be 100% responsible, The Divinity does its part by erasing those memories in me, so that I can be back at The Zero State.
  21. Socraties was right when he said: “We really don’t know anything”, and it is very important for me to come from that point of view.
  22. When something comes up, I say to The Divinity in Me: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I perceive this problem; Thank You.”
  23. I am willing to work on my own memories, and not consciously engage.
  24. I am saying to The Divine in me: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for this pattern in me; Thank You.”, because I want to disengage from this pattern, and allow The Divinity to do whatever to erase those memories.
  25. Divinity is releasing and erasing the memories in me that cause me to perceive things to be a certain way.
  26. I only work on the garbage (memories) in me that causes me to experience things in a certain way.
  27. Divinity created everybody perfect, what is not perfect is the garbage (memories) in us.
  28. I only work on the garbage (memories) in me.
  29. When I say to The Divinity: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever garbage there is in me, that is causing me to experience rudeness; Thank You.”, The Divinity is then willing to reach down into my subconscious mind, and erase those memories, bringing me back to The Zero State.
  30. The Universe was created out of the void, so when my mind goes back to Zero, I am free.
  31. Out of this Zero State, Divinity then sends inspiration, so that I know what to do.
  32. I am not here to save anybody; I am just here to clean my own stuff (memories).
  33. I talk to The Divinity in me and say: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me if there is rudeness where I show up; Thank You.”
  34. I am incessantly working on my own garbage (memories).
  35. The Universe only exists in one’s soul, so I need to work on my garbage (memories) that makes my Universe look ugly.
  36. We have no idea of how we are all connected to every cell, being and vibration in creation; so if I shift, the whole Universe must shift too.
  37. When I notice something, I say to The Divinity in me: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I perceive this in a certain way; Thank You.”
  38. “We are one with our garbage (memories)  ”. – If one instrument (memory) is out of tune, everything (in our life) is out of tune.
  39. When I say to The Divinity in me: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I perceive this in a certain way; Thank You.”, Divinity takes everything back to Zero, and we are then I am free.
  40. In Dr Len’s PHD training, he was taught that it is his job to help other people, but then he learned the Ho’oponopono process from Morrnah Simeona – A Living Treasure of Hawaii.
  41. Morrnah taught that whenever any type of problem comes up, we must look at ourselves, and that “Peace Begins With Me.
  42. Ho’oponopono is a process of only looking at myself and working on the garbage (memories) in me (my subconscious mind), because once I get myself in rhythm with The Divinity, everybody else gets into rhythm too; But if I am out of rhythm, so too will be everybody else.
  43. The idea if Ho’oponopono is to work directly with The Divinity, saying to The Divinity incessantly: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I perceive this in a certain way; Thank You.”, and then allow The Divinity to make the corrections, which is to transmute the garbage (memories) back to Zero, and then out of that Zero (void), Divinity can come forth.
  44. Dr Len points out that the mind is only moved by 2 laws: Memory / Inspiration.
  45. When I say to The Divinity in me: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I perceive this in a certain way; Thank You.”, Divinity knows what the garbage (memories) are, but it is not something that I know.
  46. The intellect has no idea of what is going on, because out of 15 million bits of information available, my conscious mind is only aware of 14/15 of them. (“Can you imagine all the other data I am running with?”)
  47. Dr Len says that nothing can happen to us unless it is already in our data bank (subconscious mind), because that is the Law of Cause and Effect.
  48. So I look within myself, and ask The Divinity to erase the causes in me (whatever these memories are) what would cause me to see the world in a way that The Divinity didn’t create it.
  49. Divinity created the world perfect.
  50. I say to The Divinity in me: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I am experiencing this; Thank You.”
  51. Q: What gets erased by The Divinity so that my problems stop?
    A:   I have no idea: – That’s The Divinity’s job, not mine! – I am not doing The Divinity’s job.
  52. Divinity erases; I am just saying: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I perceive this in a certain way; Thank You.”
  53. By saying to that which is in me “I Love You”, I am allowingThe Divinity to transmute the errors (memories) in me.
  54. If I experience anger, I say to The Divinity in me: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I am experiencing anger; Thank You, and Thank You for this opportunity, because I didn’t realize that this memory was there.” – This will cause the anger to stop!
  55. The garbage (memories) in us wants to be released and set free, but we resist and hold on.
  56. 99.99% of the time I am in reaction (judgment, blame, anger) and I don’t even realize it.
  57. My mind follows the Law Of Memory, but if I erase it and wipe the memory out, from the Void, inspiration will show up.
  58. The Law Of Inspiration comes through when there is no resistance from memory.
  59. Either I am run by memory and patterns, or I allow The Divinity to come through with inspiration.
  60. Most relationships don’t work, because people are usually in reaction to them.
  61. The most important relationship is the relationship with one’s self: If I am in memory, that relationship won’t work for me, because memories separate me from The Divine.
  62. Once I am separated from The Divine, any physical relationship that I am in doesn’t work.
  63. I am healing all my relationships by realizing that all relationships begin with me.
  64. The Divine created everybody perfect, what is not perfect is the data (memories) in us.
  65. I heal the garbage (memories) in me that I share with other people.
  66. If I am in blame I am unable to help myself or anybody else.
  67. Ho’oponopono is a simple process, but it is not simple to do it all the time.
  68. I do Ho’oponopono incessantly.
  69. Ho’oponopono takes discipline, because most of the time I have no idea of what is going on.
  70. I never stop doing my Ho’oponopono cleaning.
  71. Every moment is an opportunity for me to clean up my garbage (memories).
  72. Everything has feelings, and will work well if I come garbage (memory) free.
  73. People leave their stuff (memories) behind, and I am responsible to clean it up.
  74. My subconscious mind (like a computer) holds all my memories, and if a memory gets hit, it begins to replay.
  75. Memories replay thoughts, feelings and images; so I want to erase the memory itself.
  76. I say to The Divinity in me: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that I feel angry; Thank You.”
  77. As soon as I say this, I am saying to The Divinity that I am willing to let go.
  78. I am giving The Divinity a chance to erase the memory in my subconscious mind and transmute it back to Zero (The Infinite, Void and Emptiness).
  79. From The Void (Emptiness) I will see The Divine.
  80. The Divine is the inspiration that comes through, so I become Divinity personified once I am back at Zero.
  81. I am loving the memories I have played over and over.
  82. Love will transmute my memories to Zero.
  83. The only way to get rid of my memories is to Love them.
  84. Love is Divinity: – When I say “I Love You”, I am giving The Divinity an opportunity to embrace my memories which are causing my anger, and transmute them to Zero.
  85. We are all created in the image of The Divine, which means Void and Infinite, but if a memory comes up, we get separated from the Divinity.
  86. By now saying to that memory “I Love You”, Divinity transmutes that memory, and takes me back to my original state of Void and Infinite, and inspiration can then come through.
  87. Like everybody, I have already experienced the experience of The Divine, but I am stuck with memories (anger, resentment, blame) so I loose that experience.
  88. I am keeping my focus on cleaning out my garbage (memories).
  89. Connecting with The Divine doesn’t need to be difficult!
  90. I am getting results by being 100% responsible and saying “I am sorry”.

(c) Saul Maraney – 2013 – All rights reserved - Saul Maraney –

The Hooponopono River

Ho’oponopono Reflections

Dear Ho’oponopono Friends,

Yesterday morning I returned from a 10 day vacation in The Ukraine. The trip (each way) took approximately 19 hours and this afforded me plenty time to reflect on Ho’oponopono and my year so far.


Here are some of my recent Ho’oponopono thoughts that I wanted to share with you:

  1. When we mentally do our Ho’oponopono cleaning, our main goal is to give The Divine permission to exhume and remove the hidden memories and judgments which are buried deep within our subconscious minds. – This is because Ho’oponopono is only about looking at ourselves and working on our own garbage (memories).
  2. A key axiom of Ho’oponopono is that we are all created in the exact image of The Divine, but when our subconscious mind is full of memories (anger, resentment, blame) we lose this experience.
  3. Ho’oponopono teaches that only way to be truly free and at peace with ourselves, no matter what is going on around us, is to receive inspiration form The Divine, and that this is only possible when we are memory free.
  4. Ho’oponopono gives The Divinity a chance to erase the memories in our subconscious mind and transmute them to Zero (void) so that we can once again enjoy the experience of being Divinity personified.

Through personal experience I have come to experience that once I get myself in rhythm with The Divine, everybody else around gets into rhythm too; but if when am out of rhythm, I experience everybody else as being out of rhythm too.

This is why I do my best to always keep my focus on cleaning and not to always engage with my conscious mind.

Ho’oponopono has reminded me that my true self is: Incredible, Eternal, Limitless, Total, Complete, Empty, ZERO, and I know that when I mentally do my Ho’oponopono cleaning, I am opening myself up and allowing The Divine to clean me and ERASE all my memories and programs that are preventing me from being the best that I can be.

Have a great week, and if you ever have any Ho’oponopono related questions for me, please post them for at my Ho’oponopono Facebook Page at:

I would love to hear from you!

Your friend,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

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The absolute best way that I know how is to “take a Ho’oponopono weekend” from the comfort of your own home.

“Zero Limits” (Live From Maui)

Zero Limits dvds

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Ho’oponopono and Nelson Mandela

Dear Friends,

Today, South Africa celebrated the life of our most influential leader: Nelson Mandela.


This year Nelson Mandela turned 95, but celebrations took on a heavier meaning this year as he remains in serious condition, suffering from an ongoing six week lung infection in hospital.

Throughout today, South Africans danced, sung and celebrated while chanting his loving nickname, “Tata”, or “father”.

Joyful crowds choirs, political groups, schoolchildren and onlookers all over South Africa expressed their love for our ailing leader.

Relentless in his struggle against oppression — Nelson Mandela survived decades in prison and stayed the course through enormous punishment — ultimately leading South Africa into freedom.

In his dedication to the liberties of his people and his defeat of apartheid, he has become a global symbol of triumph over adversity and as a result, is considered as of the most recognizable human rights advocates of the twentieth century.

Nelson Mandela has always had an unquenchable passion for the rightness of his cause and the liberation for all. His was never a fight for power, but for values and respect.

Nelson Mandela has always been a role model of mine, and continues to inspire me every day.

With the help of Ho’oponopono, I hope that I too can make a difference in the lives of everyone that I come into contact with, and can be a force of only good in the world.

I wish you a very happy “Nelson Mandela day”.

Your friend,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

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“Ho’oponopono and Father’s Day”



Hi Everyone,

I’m not sure if you are a Dad or if you have one (maybe both)…

And even if you just know a Dad, then I personally want to wish you a very happy Father’s Day.

This year, unfortunately I will not be spending Father’s Day with my three kids as they are now living with their mom and her new husband in Cape Town (I live in Johannesburg).

Luckily, I will be spending the day with my father and twin brother and his family

Everyday I am grateful to have Ho’oponopono in my life because I know that it is improving me as a father, son, partner and friend, and I am honored to be able to continue sharing my personal Ho’oponopono experiences with you.

So thank you. I love you.

-      Saul

Johannesburg, South Africa

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