“Connecting to The Divine through Ho’oponopono.”

Ho’oponopono has taught me that nothing exists, except my reaction to it. – And that my reactions prevent me from being ONE with The Divine, and cause me to be stuck.

I now understand that Ho’oponopono is about letting go of my reactions, so that I am able to experience people and situations as The Divine created them, which is perfect and complete.


Ho’oponopono has made me realize that whenever I experience any type of “problem” in my life I must first work on myself, and that once I get back into rhythm with The Divinity, everybody else will get back into rhythm too; But if I am out of rhythm (stuck in thoughts and memories), so too will be everybody else.

The idea of Ho’oponopono is to work directly with The Divinity in us, saying to The Divinity incessantly: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever memory is replaying in my subconscious mind that is causing me to perceive this situation or person in a certain way; Thank You.”


Only The Divinity can convert error memories in our subconscious mind to Zero, but we first need to give permission (through our Ho’oponopono cleaning) to The Divinity to make the corrections.

With our Ho’oponopono cleaning, we are petitioning The Divinity to restore The Zero and Infinite in us, but this FIRST requires the cancelling of memories.

For me, Ho’oponopono is about trusting, letting go and allowing The Divine take over.


Source: Zero Limits; News for the Soul Internet Radio.

© Copyright – Saul Maraney – 2009 All Rights Reserved.


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P.S. I still continue to listen to my Ho’oponopono Audio product: “Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono” every evening before I go to sleep, and the results that I experience on a daily basis still astonish me. Here is a Testimonial that I received from Alexander McAllister in Brazil who is experiencing similar results:

Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind with Ho'oponopono

“Hi Saul,

I’ve been using the recording diligently, and wanted to have a definitive opinion regarding what its effect has been on me.

 Wonderful application of the Ho’oponopono “power phrases”: the concept of “reformatting your brain” is innovative and sets this apart from all other programs out there. The way Saul’s voice sincerely and confidently conducts you along, with the unobtrusive, pleasant sound track, makes for a unique transformational meditative experience each time you listen to it. He also placed other surprise Ho’oponopono transmuting phrases at strategic points which really emphasize the “cleaning” process. Over all I can say that this is a remarkable recording, which when listened to daily will help enhance your experience with Ho’oponopono and truly help you unblock difficult areas of your life experience.

Take care, great work!


Alexander McAllister



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In Harmony with your Unconscious Mind through Ho'oponopono

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