“Ho’oponopono enables us to disengage from our memories”:

Through Ho’oponopono I have learned that The Divinity created everybody perfect, but what is not perfect, is the garbage (memories) in our subconscious minds.

Our memories cause us to perceive things NOT as they truly are, and if we are willing to only look at ourselves, and work on what is going on in us (our memories), we give The Divinity permission to cancel out all the “problems” we experience in our life.

Our Ho’oponopono cleaning enables us return our minds to the state of Void (or emptiness) and allows The Divinity to send us Inspiration.

Ho’oponopono takes discipline, and every moment is an opportunity for us to clean up our garbage (memories), and see them through the eyes of Love.

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P.S. I am sincerely honored to share this wonderful email with you, from a subscriber of mine in The USA. – Enjoy!

“Dear Saul,

Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind with Ho’oponopono and Cleaning audios combines two of the most powerful concepts to health, wealth and happiness, the Law of Attraction and the Hawaiian tradition of healing and forgiveness.

I listen to the cleaning audio everyday on my mp3 player. It is very calming and relaxing, but its real purpose is the clearing and cleaning, so you can reach Divinity and the Zero state of being.

Saul’s products have helped me overcome a medical crisis and dental surgery. I had no pain by just remembering to use the cleaning phrases in my mind.

It has also helped me (with the Law of Attraction) to attract a new sport SUV! 

The entire Universe will arrange and find the people, events and things to get what you desire.

I highly recommend Saul’s products!


Godwin Wong

Illinois, USA


 Reformatting Your Unconscious Mond With Ho'oponopono

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