Ho’oponopono brings All of us into alignment: o Super-conscious (Father) – Amakua; o Conscious (Mother) – Uhane; and o Subconscious (Child) – Unihipili

Ho oponopono

When I notice a problem. I ask MYSELF: “What is going on inside of ME that I have caused this problem? And how can I rectify this problem in ME?” – Ho’oponopono


a Ho’oponopono letter from prison


Hi Ho’oponopono friends,

For the last few weeks I have been corresponding with a very special lady named Judith who is teaching Ho’oponopono in one of Israel’s major prisons.

Here is an email that I received from her last week about the incredible work she is doing:

“Dear Saul,

I am teaching Ho’oponopono in jail in Israel.

I would like to tell you that the prisoners who are willing to step “out of the box” and practice the cleaning tell me that it does a wonderful job on them.

One of them just told me that he had a fight over the phone with his grown up children and instead of continuing with carrying the hard feelings after the phone conversation he did the cleaning.

To his utmost surprise when he spoke with them again they were all calm and easy going and all was well.

Although he is in jail and they are on the other side in the “outside” world.

So you see, even behind bars Ho’oponopono is a precious gift.

Thank you for everything you do.”


Naturally I was very excited to receive Judith’s email and to find out more about the incredible work she is doing so I emailed her back to find out more. Here was my response:

“Hi Judith,

I hope you are well.

I would love to hear more about this.

Please will you send me more details.

I would really, really appreciate it.


Saul xx

A few days later I received another email from Judith. Here is what she said:

“Hello Saul,

As I wrote to you I am working with prisoners in an Israeli jail teaching meditation.

I decided to introduce Ho’oponopono as a tool for bettering their feelings and mental well-being.

The response is great, although it sounded strange for them in the beginning.

Me? Loving myself? Asking forgiveness? Crazy!

But they saw that it works and now we do the Ho’oponopono cleaning together and I encourage them to practice the four sentences every moment they fell less “than happy”.

I have just finished reading “Zero Limits” and it greatly enriched my understanding of Ho’oponopono.

Thank you for your work.

Best wishes and love form Israel.”


On Friday last week I was ecstatic to receive this email from Judith with an attached letter from one of the prisoners in her medication course:

“Hi Dear Saul,

As promised here is the letter written by on of the prisoners in my meditation course.



A letter from prison:

A few weeks ago I started to take part in a meditation course, which is held here in the prison where I have been for several months.

It is run by a woman named Judith who does a very professional job in a wonderful way because of her love and belief of the importance of meditation and the benefit it can bring to us.

Since the day I started I also practice alone in bed before going to sleep, during the day when I work in the jail’s green garden and whenever I have a few minutes to spare.

I have now learned that the inner inspection is possible and that you just have to want to look inside.

This inner work makes some order in my thoughts and that brings peace to my mind and soul.

The relaxation that my body experiences together with the control of my mind and the breathing have all become an integral part of my life here in prison.

The cleaning work of trivial and unimportant issues things is great.

I must mention that a few times this week I found myself upset or in conflict with myself and others but suddenly realized that I have tools which can lead me and help me to relax.

I now know that I can stop, calm myself, arrange my breathing and bring some more oxygen to my brain.

I can now feel an expansion and a way to clear away all troubled thoughts.

I am concentrated on the here and now.

I have become another person. One who is relaxed, calm and able to see things clearly.

You have to understand; this is new for me, absolutely new.

Judith also taught us Ho’oponopono (saying the four statements) and it has proved itself beyond any expectations.

Saying these four sentences has made me addicted to want to be calm and relaxed instead of living according to the drum of thought after thought, which feels like I am hitting my head with a hammer.

Yes I am learning to love myself.

I understand that being sorry for the fact that I am in this situation is right. It is for me a recognition of the negative sides inside myself.

I am asking forgiveness from myself because actually, this body is not mine. It houses the child within me, the little child inside.

If I stand in front of a mirror and ask for forgiveness, I hope to be forgiven by others and myself.

I now feel relieved, and saying “thank you” for me is a must. It is some kind of a signature of this process and a promise to me to go on and repeat the process and repeat it every day as many times as possible.

This “I am sorry” statement is an appreciation of the process I took upon myself, to change. And it is happening.


D. T.

This letter has once again proved to me just how powerful and beautiful Ho’opnopono really is.

Thank you for letting me share it with you today.

Speak to you soon.

Your Ho’opoopono friend,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa


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I am CLEANING out the old to make room for the NEW. – Ho’oponopono


Happy Ho’oponopono Summer Solstice everyone x


With our Ho’oponopono cleaning, we are petitioning The Divinity to restore The Zero and Infinite in us, but this FIRST requires the canceling of memories.


I incessantly do my Ho’oponopono cleaning by only working on myself and watching what goes on in me.


Real – life Ho’oponopono


Dear Ho’oponopono friend,

I hope you have had a good week.

Yesterday I received the following very inspiring email from a subscriber of mine in the USA that I wanted to share with you (with the author’s permission).

I hope you find Michael’s email and my answer to him helpful to you:

“Hi Saul,

That was a very nice letter and response with Lilia.  I have read Zero Limits, and have been using Ho’oponopono off and on for the past 3 years.  I am writing because recently I have taken a physically demanding job that is not mentally stimulating at all.  This has given me the opportunity to practice consciously repeating the 4 phrases.  What I have found during the last 6 weeks is that I am much more calm than I used to be.  The tendency used to be that as the day progressed the tension would mount within me and within most of the staff.

Last week we lost my brother-in-law after a long illness, and my father’s battle with cancer has taken a dramatic turn for the worst and we have moved into the palliative phase much sooner than we all expected.  Again the repetition of the phrases has helped.  I believe it is not necessary but having the explanations of what may be going on unconsciously has been a help as well.

I find that I need to keep the phrases in the front of my mind, and if I don’t then my mind drifts to daily concerns they in turn provide prompts to repeat the phrases.  Do the phrases ever repeat in the background without the conscious repeating?

Thanks for all you do, the notes from Zero Limits are very inspiring. 


Michael Morse

Here is my response to Michael:

“Hi Michael,

Thank you for your wonderful email.

I really appreciate it so much.

You are a very brave man.

I find that the more that I “clean”, the easier it is then for my subconscious mind to “clean” automatically.

This is a wonderful gift when it happens.



We are all going through our own personal challenges and I know how grateful I am to have Ho’oponopono in my life.

People like you and Michael are the reason that I put so much effort into spreading the Ho’oponopono message in the world.

Have a great w/e.

Your Ho’oponopono friend,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Living Ho’oponopono

Dear Ho’oponopono friends,

I hope you are well.

Firstly, I am very excited to let you know that our Ho’oponopono Facebook community page today reached 800 likes!


As you know, I am 100% passionate about Ho’oponopono and that everyday I post Ho’oponopono content to this page.

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The forward to the book has been written by my friend and mentor Dr. Joe Vitale.

I would love to include your personal story about how Ho’oponopono has had an impact on your life.

If you would like to be included in our book, please email your story to: saulmaraney[at]gmail.com as soon as possible.

I hope you have a great week further!

Your Ho’oponopono friend,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

Creator of:







Your Ho’oponopono friend,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

Weekend Ho’oponopono parable


Hi Ho’oponopono friends,

I hope you are well!

Last night I arrived in Cape Town (which is a two hour flight from Johannesburg) to come and visit my 3 kids for the weekend.

See a picture for the 4 of us here: https://www.facebook.com/EmbraceYourHooponopono

It has been almost two years since my kids have been living away from me, and it is so wonderful to see them again. – I get to see them now one weekend every six or seven weeks.

I know now how important it is for me to bring my “best self” when I come to visit them, so I am especially grateful to have Ho’oponopono to assist me in this regard.

While on the plane last night, I came across an incredible parable which deeply touched me. – I thought I would share it with you. So here it is. I hope you enjoy it:

Mr. Rogoff finally arrived in the village of Wielgie, Poland.

After a five-hour train ride from Warsaw, and a two-hour horse and buggy excursion, Mr. Rogoff concluded the last leg of his trip by foot. Upon arriving in the village, he immediately inquired as to the whereabouts of its most famous resident.

With trepidation, Mr. Rogoff knocked on the door and it was opened by an old, bent-over man who asked him to please enter.

Mr. Rogoff explained that he was visiting from America and strongly desired to meet the world famous sage.

Looking around, Mr. Rogoff noticed that the house was bare of furniture as if it had been hit by a hurricane. There was just one table, two chairs, a bookcase and a bed.

“May I ask a question?” asked Mr. Rogoff.

“Certainly, my son,” responded the sage.

“I don’t notice any furniture in your home. Where is all your furniture?”

The sage, unaffected by the guest’s remark, asked in turn, “And may I ask you a question, young man?”

“Certainly,” came the reply.

“Where is all your furniture?”

Taken aback by the response, Mr. Rogoff cried out, “I have a custom kitchen, oak dining room set, and beautiful bedroom set – all at my house in New York. Do tourists generally take such possessions along in a moving van? I’m only passing through!”

To which the sage replied, “And I also am only passing through.”

This parable reminded me on a very deep level this world is only a temporary stop, that we are all on a journey and that we must all consider our priorities – our true destination – and not only our comfort during the short trip.

I hope you have a great w/e.

Speak to you soon.

Your Ho’oponopono friend,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

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