“New ‘Zero Limits (Live From Maui)’ DVDs Bring Ho’oponopono And Zero Limits To Life!”

Dear Friends,

Dr. Joe Vitale just released the DVDs of a private 2-day weekend event, featuring himself and the legendary Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, called: Zero Limits (Live From Maui)


You may know Dr. Vitale as the #1 best selling author of ‘The Attractor Factor’ and ‘Zero Limits’, or for his appearance in the hit movie and book ‘The Secret’.

This incredible 2-day Zero Limits (Live From Maui) experience will bring everything you have learned about Ho’oponopono and Zero Limits to life, and will assist you in being able to start putting Ho’oponopono to use in your everyday life right now.


This program comes with my highest recommendation, and I know that it will be of great value to you.

Have a great week.

Kind regards,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa


Dr. Joe Vitale and Saul Maraney

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“Ho’oponopono Has Taught Me The Importance Of Working On My Perception Of People And Situations”:

Professor Benjamin Libet (University Of California, San Francisco) said: “We never decide to see something the way it is, it is always something inside us that decides that that’s the way we are going to perceive the world”.

I need to remember this, watch myself, and constantly be reminding myself that what I am seeing is not really what is, what I am seeing is my reaction to it.

Ho’oponopono teaches that my memories are creating what I am seeing, and I have to let them go.

I now know that I experience people and situations coming from reaction.

By mentally repeating one of the Ho’oponopono cleaning tools, like “Light switch”, I am saying to The Divine in me: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that is causing me to perceive the world to be this certain way; Thank You.”

This gives The Divinity permission to reach into my subconscious mind and erase (through transmutation) the memories, so that I can experience people and situations as being perfect.

I incessantly do my Ho’oponopono cleaning by only working on myself and watching what goes on in me.

Being 100% responsible is very powerful.


Source: Zero Limits ; News for the Soul Internet Radio.

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Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho'oponopono 

“Hi Saul

I loveReformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono”. I recognize the truth in the philosophies behind the practices and know also that meditation and letting go are keys to success. Accessing the unconscious mind through an audio hypnosis product has proven to work for me in the past and present. This particular product is fantastic for focusing the unconcsious mind on wealth and success in business / career – the area of my life that is currently my primary focus. I know that regularly listening to this meditation will assist me in attracting what I desire from business, wealth and life. Thank you.

With love”,

Susi x


“Amazing Results From My Ho’oponopono Audio Products And The Power of Love.”

Dear Friends,

Below is a fascinating email that I received last year from a client of mine in Cape Town, South Africa, who has been experiencing amazing results from my Ho’oponopono audio product: “Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono”.

In this email Werner has documented the many tests that he performed with a Pendulum that confirm Dr. Emoto’s research of how positively water responds to Love, as well as how water responds to Ho’oponopono cleaning.

Thank you Werner for sharing all this amazing information with us.

I wish you a great week.

Kind regards,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

Hello Saul,
This whole exercise was inspirational to me and I did it with great love.

Please feel free to use whatever info you find useful.

If there are any questions, I am glad to answer.
This was the longest time I ever sat on my computer writing a report, it took me the whole day, but I loved it.
Kind regards


I would also like to thank you for your personal and immediate attention.
I have received the CD’s and I love them.

Your calm and soothing voice together with the wonderful background music have a relaxing and meditative effect.

I can let go.

I play the Hooponopono Cleaning CD often when I do my Trading, it calms me down and and my trading becomes easier. As I can already feel a personal improvement after only a short time I am looking forward to the longer term benefits, but as always it is ” I ” who has to do the work constantly at all times with focus and commitment !!!!

Many thanks also for the ” I love you ” keyring and the picture you e-mailed me of Dr.Len.
You see later why they are important.

Thank you also for the link to your blog, it is full of information to get a better understanding of Ho’oponopono.




Dr. Emoto in his books ‘The hidden messages in water’ and ‘ The true power of water’ through his photographing of water crystals points out that water responds to your thoughts and feelings, your vibrations.

I did some tests with my Pendulum that confirm Dr. Emotos research, but I don’t think that Dr. Emoto used BLUE SOLAR WATER.

I used Blue Water for about 2 Years without having any knowledge of Hooponopono.So my heart was beating faster when I saw the Blue bottles on your website, it felt like comming home.

I had done some work with the pendulum on blue water previously but lost the info. I have now completed new ‘tests’ with some amazing results.The pendulum is not a scientific methode, as it responds to the subconscious mind and beyond to the realm of KNOWING and not to the realm of THINKING.

The pendulum process is as follows: I hold the pendulum over the water and ask if it can tell me if the water is ENERGISED.

The response will be ‘yes’ or ‘no’.If ‘yes’ is the answer I ask : on a scale of 1 to 1000 is the water energised more than 1000.

If the answer is ‘yes’ I follow up the scale untill I get ‘no’ then I track back untill I get the correct reading.We are measuring the ENERGY contained and held in the water.

I do not know what the actual numbers mean, but they just illustrate a relation to the previous state of energy in the water.

Test 1)

I filled a 750ml blue bottle with cold TAP water and closed the bottle with a natural cork.

Action:                                                                    Energy Reading:                             Remarks:
The energy reading is:                                                          ZERO
The energy reading  after 2 1/2 Hours in sun is:                      2600

I spin the bottle to create a vortex or spiral effect
( water improves with stirring ) for 30 seconds:                       3250

I give BLESSINGS to the water by saying: I bless you
I love you, I am grateful to you , thank you :                           6650

Now I CURSE the water by saying: you bad water
you bad bad water,you sh… water, bad bad:                          ZERO

( I did not test for negative, which it proberly was)

I now ask the water for FORGIVNESS:
I am sorry, really really sorry, please forgive me.
I love you, I bless you, thank you and I kiss and
hug the waterbottle:                                                           10050

This is incredible.

I spin the bottle again to create a vortex effect
and to unlock blocked energy:                                            12650

I take your ‘ I LOVE YOU ‘ keyring and attach it with a rubber band to the waterbottle, so that the water can read it.
as backgound music for 2 hours:                                        29950

The water responds to the vibration of I LOVE YOU and to the music.

I switch OFF the CD but leave the I LOVE YOU
keyring on the bottle
After 1hr 15 min the energy reading is:                                42900

After 2 hr 30 min the energy reading is:                               149940

Does this tell us something?

I took another reading after 6 hr 30 min

The reading was still the same. It seems that the water had reached its balance point, its NIRVAVA so to speak or ZERO POINT. It was HAPPY ja.
Test 2)

I used another bottle that was spraypainted with a lighter blue than the bottle in test 1).The bottle in test 1 was made of of solid blue glass it was not painted.

Tap water energy reding:                                                 ZERO

After 2 1/2 hr in the sun I took the bottle and I HUGGED and KISSED it and said I LOVE YOU
Thats all I did:                                                                10950

I left the waterbottle standing on its own and took several readings at every hour for 9 hrs
the energy reading did not change it was the same:          10950

At midnight 00.00 hr I attached the keyring with the ‘I LOVE YOU’ message to the waterbottle, as in test 1 with a rubber band.
I took a energy reading at 09.00 hr next morning:              69950

2 hrs later ( 11 hr after keyring):                                       89950

At 11.00 hr I attached HEADPHONES to the bottle in addition to the I LOVE YOU keyring and played the ‘HOOPONOPONO CLEANING’
CD to the water
The energy reading after 1hr was:                                    199500

The water responds in big leaps to the CD
( I checked this reading several times because  of that incredible jump)

I REMOVED the HEADPHONES and left the waterbottle standing only with the I LOVE YOU keyring.
2 hrs later  the energy reading was:                                 360950

I think that the water was still absorbing the effect of the HOOPONOPONO CLEANING

That experiment speaks for itself it says more than a thousand words, I think.

We have off course no comparison between the water listening to Mozart or Beethoven and Hooponopono, but since all come from the DIVINE whats the difference?

Test 3)

When I was reading about the uses of blue solar water on your web it mentions to use it with you tea or coffee.My tea got cold and I wanted to heat it up in the microwave, knowing about Dr EMOTOS observation on the negative effect of electromagnetic waves on water, I wondered if that heating methode was a good idea. I asked the pendulum wether the microwave will have a negative effect on my blue water tea. To my absolute surprise the anwer was NO.

So I set out to check that out in a test. Here is the set up.

I took 2 identical mugs and filled them to the same level.

One with cold TAP WATER and one with BLUE SOLAR WATER, both heated on 500 watt for 2 min.

Before heating .Energy reading:                                  ZERO

After 2 min heating:                                                   – 2990

This is a negative energy reading

Before heating: Energy reading:                                 490985

This water was taken from the bottle of test with was 360950 but left standing with I LOVE YOU it improved further to 490985

After 2 min heating:                                                  490985

Microwaves DO NOT DISTROY the energy in BLUE SOLAR WATER !!


Now comes a further TEST on the grounds that if water is protected by solar power and by love it stands to reason that if one has no solar water, a simple note attached to the water during heating in the microwave, reading ‘LOVE and GRATITUDE’
should have some protrctive effect. ( Thank you Dr. EMOTO )

I have attached a hand written note LOVE and GRATITUDE via a rubberband to the mug filled with cold TAPWATER:

Before heating. Energy reading:                               ZERO

After 2 min on 500 w microwaving:
Energy reading:                                                      + 7295

Remember we had a negative reading without the LOVE and GRATITUDE note.
I have now attached the same LOVE and GRATITUDE note to a mug filled with BLUE SOLAR WATER to check out if this
Love note would further enhance the protective Power of the Solar Water.

Before Heating. Energy reading:                             490985

Water was taken from the same bottle as above.

After 2 min microwaving on 500 w:                          490985

Same reading shows no further improvement.


As most of us sit in front of computers ( often most of our working day  )I wanted to test the effect of electromagnetic waves
on water left in front of a computer ( as tested by Dr. EMOTO) but I am also use BLUE SOLAR WATER.
Remember that we are mostly consisting of WATER ( +/- 80% or so ), if electromagnetic waves negativly influence water, so
it will be negative to us. And is there any PROTECTION for us ?

Here is the test set up:

I took 2 identical clear glasses and filled them to the identical level .One with TAPWATER and one with BLUE SOLAR WATER.
( The solar water was taken from another new bottle of water, not previosly used in any of the tests.)

Both glasses were exposed  for 4 hrs in front of a switched on personal computer at the same hight and at about 25 cm (10 inches )

At start. Energy reading:                                   19450
After 4 hrs:                                                       19450

Energy not affected by electro magnetic waves, ( It was expected as blue water was not affected byMicrowave heating. )

At start. energy reading:                                    ZERO
After 4 hrs.Energy reading:                                – 14600

This is a very negative reading.

The next step was to see if one can HEAL some of this negative effect.

I take this glass of troubeld water
in both hands and BLESS it.
I say to it I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU
Energy reading is now better:                            – 4600

Thats still negative
I say the LORDS PRAYER to the water.

Energy reading:                                                + 3500                     We are now positve

I think I got some Insperation .

I put Dr. LEN’ s POSTER on the computer
and enlarge the poster untill it fits the
whole monitor screen. The same glass of
water is put back in front of the computer.

After EXPOSING the water for 1hr to
Dr LEN’s POSTER the energy reading is:          + 45500

The image has healed the troubled water standing in
of the previously damaging electro magnetic waves.

A note on this. Any beautiful and peaceful picture has protective ability. There are some Pictures in the MY PICTURES default program in windows.

I asked the Pendulum which of the Pictures would have the best protection for me.It indicated that the pic of the VINCA FLOWER is the best.

Then I showed the pendulum Dr LEN’s Poster and asked which of the two would have the better Effect on me. Dr LEN’s poster was the anwer I got.

I have now Dr Len’s poster permanently displayed on my screen as soon as I not use another program. This is a most beautiful and calming picture. I still want to put it up as my screensaver but I do not know how.
LOVE IS THE BASE OF THE UNIVERSE. If a note I LOVE YOU is attached to water it protects the water from harm.
It stands to reason if our body, which is mostly water, can read a sign ‘ I LOVE YOU’ it too would be protected from harmful rays emitted from COMPUTERS, CELLPHONES, TV’s.

Here is what I did.

I took you Keyring with the ‘I LOVE YOU’ writing and pinned it with a safety pin to the inside of my shirt( roughly about heart hight ) so that my body can read the message.

I sat myself in front of my switched on computer and asked the Pendulum if I am protected from the electro magnetic waves.


I then TOOK OFF the keyring from the shirt  and asked the same question. THE ANWER WAS   NO  !!

I kept on repeating this several times and the answer was always the same.

Next ,I attached the I LOVE YOU keyring to a NECKLACE and asked if it was better for me to wear the keyring as necklace, and the answer was YES !

So now I do not use the Keyring as a keyring , I wear it now for PROTECTION from ELECTROMAGNETC WAVES.
AND I also use the KEYRING attached to my BLUE SOLAR WATER BOTTLE to further enhance the quality of that magic water.

There is something else I want to tell you.

Not wearing my KEYRING NECKLACE for protection, I put two Images on my computer screen.

ONE was my TRADING platform which consists of a lot of graphs of various currencies.
TWO was the Poster of Dr.LEN enlarged to fit the whole screen.

I asked my Pendulum if any one of the images would protect me from the electro magnetic waves.

The answer was always that DR LEN was PROTECTING ME, and that I was NOT PROTECTED when viewing my TRADING screen.

I also did this Test BLINDFOLDED, not knowing which Image was up, first looking at my Pendulums answer and than turning aiound to see which image was up.
NO, I AM NOT PROTECTED when my Trading platform was up.

This is why I have DR. LEN’s POSTER up on my computer screen as soon as I am not using any other Program.


© Copyright – Saul Maraney – 2009 All Rights Reserved


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