“My Ho’oponopono Realizations.”

The word Ho’oponopono means to correct errors, and according to Ho’oponopono, an error is just memories replaying or “history repeating itself” in our subconscious mind.

The whole point of Ho’oponopono is to set our subconscious mind free from these errors and the data repeating within it, which manifests in our life as replaying suffering and reoccurring problems.

The idea of The Ho’oponopono is to appeal to The Divinity in us, and make amends for whatever “problems” we are experiencing in our life by simply mentally repeating to ourselves: “I would like to make amends for whatever history and memories are replaying in my subconscious mind, and I am asking that it please be erased by You and transmuted to nothing.”

Ho’oponopono is about appealing to The Divinity in us to clear our subconscious mind and to erase the errors and data within it, which prevents us from experiencing clarity and Zero.

When we are focused on our own Ho’oponopono cleaning and not engaging with our conscious mind, we are giving The Divinity an opportunity to erase the problem-causing errors and data in our subconscious mind to Zero, and in that moment of freedom, out of the nothingness, we are once again able to receive inspiration from The Divine.

Ho’oponopono has brought me to the realization that people and situations are perfect; but that it is my reactions to them that I need to work on.

Ho’oponopono has also finally made me realize that all my problems are within myself, and that if I am willing to only look within myself, and work on what is going on in me (my memories), I will once again be able to experience real freedom in my life and truly set myself free from my own problem-causing errors and memories.

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Well done! You have recognized the message sent to you by the divine and I commend you for taking swift action to create this audio program. The world will reap the benefits of your efforts.

It’s true. You attract everything you think about. That’s why I constantly flood my thoughts with positive stimulus. After listening to “Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono” I have already begun to experience a higher and more profound level of living.

A very wise man once taught me, When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Thank you for allowing your message to be my teacher.

I hope that you will continue to fulfill your inherent responsibility to the universe and never stop taking Inspired Action to create more and more programs.”

Brian Dean
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“How I incorporate Ho’oponopono into my daily routine.”

I have come to realize that Ho’oponopono only truly works when I allow The Divine to inspire me by letting go of my expectations, remain “childlike”, and acknowledge that I am not in control.

I have come to learn that Ho’oponopono is about loving the problem-causing memories in my subconscious mind, and being grateful for them, instead of reacting to them and trying to push them away.

Ho’oponopono is in fact an appeal to The Divine to infuse us with inspiration.

When I am mentally doing my Ho’oponopono cleaning, I am giving The Divine permission to erase the problem-causing memories that I am ready to let go of, and as I continue to let go and not engage with my conscious mind, I allow The Divine to erase and transmute these memories and solve my problems for me.

Ho’oponopono has shown me how to make the huge commitment of acknowledging that my conscious mind is not in control, and I now realize that even though the Ho’oponopono cleaning is very easy to do, it is not easy to do it all the time.

For me, mentally doing the Ho’oponopono cleaning as much as possible was a gradual process, but once I started to see how well it worked, I became more willing to do a lot more of it.

Since I have been incorporating it into my daily routine, my life has started to run a lot smoother, and now when I am doing my Ho’oponopono cleaning, I can feel it working, and this allows me to feel free and at peace.

Two of the most basic and powerful Ho’oponopono cleaning tools are “Thank You” and “I Love You”. Each of these phrases (tools) address our memories, are mentally repeated and can be used any time.

Whenever we mentally repeat one of these phrases instead of reacting, engaging or blaming, we are doing our Ho’oponopono cleaning and taking 100% responsibility for everything that we are experiencing in our life.

By doing this we are giving The Divine permission to assist us by erasing the problem-causing memories in our subconscious mind, and returning our mind back to its original state of empty and quiet, ready to be inspired by The Divine.

I now try to do non-stop Ho’oponopono cleaning, and I use any Ho’oponopono tools that come to me through inspiration.

I trust that whatever tool comes is the correct one for me, and then I mentally repeat it and do my best not to engage with my conscious mind.

I do this because I know that my life is about choice, and I choose to do my Ho’oponopono cleaning to experience more of how it feels to let go, be happy and free.

Source: Zero Limits; News for the Soul Internet Radio.

© Copyright – Saul Maraney – 2011 – All Rights Reserved


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“Another glorious, relaxing, transformational gem by the man delivering pure love through sound and the sweet healing of Hawaiian healing magic. You’ll love it!”

Dr. Joe Vitale, author “Zero Limits” and “The Attractor Factor”

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