“The Divine DOESN’T need me to do Ho’oponopono; I need to do it!”

All  memories displace Zero (ME), so to return to Zero, and I require Divinity to erase the memories behind MY money concerns.

Ho’oponopono has AWAKENED me to how to ERASE the negative elements inside myself that manifest as problematic situations.

Now I realize that Money problems are simply memories replaying.

I also now realize that my TRUE SELF is: Incredible, Eternal, Limitless, Total, Complete, Empty, ZERO – FROM WHICH ALL PEACE EMINATES – “HOME”.

BEACAUSE I sense and feel other people’s pain – means that I SHARE the SAME PROGRAM, and I have to clean it, and as I do, the problem will come off me and them too.

The ONLY way to heal someone is by cleaning me, so I don’t try to change people, I work on myself.

When I am at Zero I have ZERO limits, and money can NOW come to ME…BUT…When I am in memory, I prevent it.

There are many memories around money, and AS I clean them, I clean them for everyone.

Ho’oponopono and intentions ONLY work when I get OUT of MY OWN way, because MY mind gets in the WAY of the NATURAL FLOW of things.

A mind FULL of memories is the INTERFERENCE to experiencing the bliss of this moment.

Source: Zero Limits; News for the Soul Internet Radio.

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