“Ho’oponopono Holiday Reflections.”

Dear friends,

I am writing to you from the beautiful island of Mauritius.

I am here for a ten day vacation and have been enjoying relaxing and unwinding after an eventful and very busy 2011.

Since I arrived I have been enjoying swimming in the beautiful warm turquoise Indian Ocean, lying on the white sandy beach surrounded by enormous swaying palms trees, clear blue skies and the wonderful hot tropical climate.

Even though I have only been here for three days, it feels a lot longer to me.

I am currently reading the fascinating book Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts, which is without a doubt one of the most incredible books that I have ever read, and I am grateful to be feeling so at peace.

Since I arrived here I have also been reflecting on this past year of 2011. This has been a year of massive change and challenges, and what really amazes me is how quickly it seemed to go by.

What I am most grateful about is that my three children are all happy and healthy and that I have a wonderful and close relationship with all of them.

The greatest lessons I have learned this year are to surrender, stay in the moment, keep my expectations to a minimum and stay focused on my own Ho’oponopono cleaning no matter what I am going through. I know just how important it is for me to be doing what makes my heart sing.

I look forward to keeping in touch with you in 2012, and I hope that you have a wonderful festive season and enter the new year refreshed, excited and invigorated.

To your Ho’oponopono success!

Your friend,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

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As my first experience with Ho’oponopono, this was a great experience for me. Your Ho’oponopono audio allowed me to close my eyes and sink into a relaxation mood, while letting the background music flow through my body like a smooth Fiji waterfall.

I was able to release so much stress and tension, that I was unaware I had built up inside of me. I feel more confident that I can achieve my dreams in life with focus guided action.

I will not let the cat out of the bag, but the story you provided in the audio left me hungry for more, and I will be listening to this audio over and over again.”

Fredrick Williams

“Summarized Ho’oponopono Key Points.”

Peace begins with me:

We always need to remember the very old saying: “Peace begins with me.”

If there is to be peace on earth, it needs to begin individually with each one of us.

Ho’oponopono is about looking within ourselves for debts, errors or blocks in our subconscious minds that replay as problems, judgments, putdowns and all kinds of other problems.

The blocks are within:

Ho’oponopono is about saying to The Divine within us (The Self): “I am sorry, please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that is causing me to experience the world in this way.”

Taking 100% responsibility:

When we take 100% responsibility for whatever we experience in our lives, we are in essence saying to The Divine: “I am 100% responsible, the problem is within me, and I would like You to convert whatever that memory, debt, block, error or problem is to nothing.”

And when The Divinity converts the block or memory to nothing, we return to back to our original state which is Zero or clarity.

Only when we have clarity can The Divinity provide us with insight, inspiration and whatever is perfect for us.

We only need to watch ourselves:

Ho’oponopono has taught me that: “Peace begins with me”.

I am willing to be 100% responsible for whatever I experience in my life, and as I experience woes and problems, I constantly remind myself that the source that caused it is within me.

The problem is within us:

When we are willing to be 100% responsible for whatever we experience in our lives, we shift our perception of the world, and that causes the world to change.

Ho’oponopono is about taking 100% responsibility for the problems within us.

Looking outside of ourselves for how we can solve the world’s problems doesn’t work.

Change the way we perceive other people:

Our job is to let go of how we perceive other people.

By looking at our own world and bringing peace to ourselves first we bring peace to the world (and not the other way round).

Ho’oponopono teaches that when we see people and situations in a judgmental way, we need to do our Ho’oponopono cleaning by mentally saying: “I’m sorry for whatever is going on in me that I perceive the woe a certain way.”

The change has to take place in us first.

Experience people the way The Divine created them:

I never experience things correctly, but I always experience our reaction of them.

When we meet people, we do not experience them the way The Divine created them, so we need to continuously do our Ho’oponopono cleaning by saying to The Divine: “I am sorry for whatever is going on in me that is causing me not to experience people the way you created them.”

By doing this, we are asking The Divinity to cancel whatever memories are within us, that are causing us to react to people, and not see them as they truly are – Divine beings.

Once we let go of the dictate of memories by doing our Ho’oponopono cleaning, the memories stop playing, and not only the memory we heard playing, but many other memories simultaneously playing that we are unaware of.

Ho’oponopono is about asking The Divine to remove the faults from our Soul and subconscious mind so that we can see people as perfect Beings, the way The Divine created them, and when we interact with them, they will respond as being perfect.

If we want to see people without problems, then we need to get rid of our problems first.

Ho’oponopono is only about working on ourselves, and looking at the data and info in our personal subconscious minds that cause the burdens in our lives.

Anger is a memory replaying:

When people are angry, it is not the person who is angry, but it is a memory replaying anger.

If we know this and keep it mind, I can change the data.

The Ho’oponopono we do is not about changing the other person, because that person is perfect, but what is imperfect is the data, and Ho’oponopono is about asking The Divinity to convert that data to Zero.

100% Responsibility for what we are experiencing:

When we are doing Ho’oponopono, we are clearly stating to The Divine: “I am 100% responsible for what I am experiencing, something is going on in me (some data or memory) and it is dictating this experience, and I would like to be 100% responsible for it. I am sorry for that.”

Erasing memories replaying in the subconscious mind:

As humans, we have “stuff” going on that we can’t help because of the memories replaying in our subconscious mind, and this prevents us from experiencing The Divine.

Ho’opnopono is about erasing those memories which are preventing us from experiencing The Divine.

Who are we?

We can be our own therapist/guru/healer, and that all we have to do is answer a couple of questions; – The most important being “Who am I?”

If we know who we are, we would realize that we need to take 100% responsibility for everything we experience in our life.

We are all children of The Divine, and are an exact replica of The Divinity, which is in its natural state Void (clear) and Infinite, and our job is to return to that original state of being clear, empty and Infinite.

Ho’oponopono is about erasing and cleaning the blocks in our subconscious mind so that we can come back to Zero/clarity, and only out of that clarity can Divinity come in as inspiration.

What is a problem?

The other thing we need to know is: “What is a problem, and where is the problem?”

All problems are a result of memories replaying in our subconscious minds.

Being clear and infinite:

Ho’oponopono is about working on letting go of the blocks in our life that keep us from being One with The Divine.

When we are clear, we are able to move through life without experiencing hardships, anger, resentment, blame or problems.

The Divinity knows our connection with people we have not yet met, and whatever memories we have in common with them, and which are important for us to let go of.

Talking to The Divinity, Who knows everything:

Ho’oponopono is about taking to The Divinity, Who knows everything, and making amends, because we don’t have any idea of what may be going on in us that is going to bug other people.

There is a part of us called “The Divine Creator”, and that Source knows what is going on. This is why we make an appeal, and that Source in us can cancel the information and data in our subconscious minds.

The intellect cannot cancel error memories:

Our intellect does not have the ability to cancel error memories in our subconscious mind because that is not its function.

The function of the intellect is to make a choice whether we are going to take 100% responsibility for everything we experience in our life (or not).

Memories make decisions for us:

There is enough research that proves that at any second, there are 11 million pieces of data going on, but that our conscious mind is only aware of 15 of them. (Tor Norretranders – The User Illusion)

It is also scientifically proven that our conscious mind does not make our decisions, but that it is the memories in our subconscious mind that define our decisions for us.

It is memories that tell us to judge and have anger and resentment, and the conscious mind does not make decisions.

Source: Zero Limits; News for the Soul Internet Radio.

© Copyright – Saul Maraney – 2011 –  All Rights Reserved.

P.S. Here is an wonderful testimonial I just received from Dr. Joe Vitale about my latest Ho’oponopono Audio product: “The Ho’oponopono River” that I wanted to share with you:

“Another beautiful, relaxing, healing, and soothing audio from the most loving teacher of Ho’oponopono that I know of.”

Dr. Joe Vitale, author “Zero Limits” and “The Attractor Factor”


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