“The Ho’oponopono Power of this Moment”

Dear Friends,

One of the key concepts that Ho’oponopono has taught me is that this moment is the only moment that ever exists for me right now in my reality.

I have also come to realize that when I speak to someone, each word I say is the only word that exists in the present, that all my previous words only existed in the past and that all my next words will only exist in the future.

I now also know that the thoughts I am thinking in any moment are the only thoughts that exist for me right now, that my last thought only existed in the past and my next thought will only exist in the future.

It is truly incredible for me to realize that while I am typing this email to you, I cannot type these words and think other thoughts in the exact same second. – I can switch back and forth quickly, but I can only think one thought at a time, so either I type or I think.

Since we all only exit in one moment at a time, to be doing our Ho’oponopono cleaning, we only need to be cleaning during this moment, and if we have the ability to be cleaning right now, it is obvious that we have the ability to do so in every moment.

Of course some moments will be more conducive for cleaning and some moments will be more difficult, but whenever we are focused on our own Ho’oponopono cleaning, our brain will be focused on serenity, and the more often we mentally repeat one of the Ho’oponopono cleaning tools such as “I love you,” the more likely it is that our Ho’oponopono cleaning will last for us even when we are not mentally focused on our Ho’oponopono cleaning.

The skill we need to master to be constantly focused on our Ho’oponopono cleaning is the ability to consciously focus on our Ho’oponopono cleaning at will in the present moment.

When I heard about the power of mentally repeating one of the Ho’oponopono cleaning tools such as “I love you,” I immediately realized that this was what I needed to be doing in order to improve my own life.

But how could I remember to stay focused on my ho’oponopono cleaning when I needed to focus on it most?

My refrigerator at home is a great place to post messages, but often I needed to remember to do my Ho’oponopono cleaning when I was faced with challenging situations outside of my house.

“I got it!” I finally said to myself one day. “I’ll create my own Ho’oponopono cleaning cd that I can constantly have playing in the background no matter what I am doing throughout my day, so that I’ll have a constant reminder to always stay focused on my Ho’oponopono cleaning.”

This has worked amazingly well for me, and I’m certain it will work well for you too.

This 60-minute audio CD – with beautiful original music and embedded Ho’oponopono cleaning tools – only needs to be played in the background for your unconscious mind to benefit in a major way.

You can have this CD playing in the background while you are driving, working on your computer, exercising, eating, or doing anything else during your day. As your unconscious mind repeatedly hears the embedded Ho’oponopono messages, it will be internalizing them and be deeply cleaned automatically.

Imagine the long term advantages of this!

My 60-minute Ho’oponopono Cleaning CD is only available to a unique bonus to purchasers of my bestselling Ho’oponopono self-hypnosis audio tool – “Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono”.

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The website does an excellent job of explaining how my 60-minute Ho’oponopono Cleaning CD and my bestselling Ho’oponopono self-hypnosis audio tool – “Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono” works.

Check them out right now while this is still fresh in your mind!

To your Ho’oponopono success!

Kind regards,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

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