“Ho’oponopono and Trust.”

Of all the many incredible concepts that Ho’oponopono has taught me, the one that I am most grateful for is the realization that everyone and everything that I experience in my life is a reflection of me.

This realization has helped me to refrain from criticizing other people, and has enabled me to finally acknowledge that the “flaws” that I notice in my everyday experiences, are “flaws” that need to be rectified in me.

By focusing on my own Ho’oponopono cleaning and remembering to constantly keep this in mind, I now know that what I am seeing and experiencing is not really what is, but is my reaction to it.

Ho’oponopono has made me realize that the ancient memories in my own subconscious mind are what have been creating my skewed reactions and keeping me stuck, and that if I truly want to experience ongoing internal peace and happiness, I have to appeal to The Divine to transmute these memories to Zero.

With this in mind, I now do my best to trust the process and incorporate Ho’oponopono into my daily routine. I do this because I know that when I come from a pure heart I seem to enjoy a much more peaceful and happy life, and I find that my constant Ho’oponopono cleaning enables me to remain in a state of gratitude and trust.

I wish you all the best for 2012.

Kind regards,

Saul Maraney

P.S. Here is a wonderful testimonial about my new Ho’oponopono product – “The Ho’oponopono River” that I wanted to share with you:

“I was drawn to this Ho’oponopono meditation since the one thing I have been seeking in my life that has eluded me is peace; true, heart-sighing peace.  As I soak in this Ho’oponopono meditation each day, I find peace moving into my life.  Thank you Saul for this blessing in the form of a meditation.”

Julie McAllister, Psychic for Special Needs Families

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