“Insider Ho’oponopono Insights From Morrnah Simeonah.”

Dear Friends,

A while ago I was very excited to be contacted by Eugene Gauggel, who personally knew Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona, the developer of Self I-Dentity through Ho’oponopono.

Eugene met and spent time with Morrnah in 1971 when she was managing a message spa at The Royal Hawaiian Hotel at Waikiki Beach, and he met her again in New Mexico fourteen years later when he returned from India.

I would like to thank Eugene for contacting me by email, and for agreeing to share his fascinating memories of Morrnah with me. I feel truly honored!

This is the email that I received from Eugene last week that got me so excited:

“Dear friend,

I knew Morrnah in Hawai’i at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, when she ran the spa. I grew up in Honolulu.

She told me she was working on something powerful, based on traditional Hawaiian healing. She said she will let me know when it is clear and ready.

I left Hawai’i soon after and went to India where I lived for 8 years doing meditation at an ashram. When I returned, I met her again in New Mexico and she told me about Ho’oponopono.

We compared what I had learned in India and admitted it was the same principles of healing and enlightenment.

She was a very simple and pure-hearted woman, no doubt a good healer and peaceful role-model.

I will always keep her fond memory in my heart.

Aloha nui loa,



I was very glad to have received this email from Eugene, so I emailed him back the following response to thank him for making contact with me, and to ask if he would be able to answer a few questions about Morrnah:

“Hi Eugene,

It is great that you emailed me. – Thank you.

It is wonderful that you knew Morrnah. – I am sure she was amazing.
I would love to interview you, where I can find out more about your experience with Morrnah.

Please will you email me to let me know if you would be interested in this?

I look forward to your response.

Kind regards,”

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

And within half an hour, Eugene emailed me back the following response:

“Saul, I am here in New York State, about 100 miles North of New York City.

I can respond to your questions by email.

Your blog looks good. Nice photo of Dr. Hew Len.

It is wonderful that you have so many folks interested in this way of life and spirituality

O ka maluhia no me oe.”


Below are the memories that Eugene shared with me, and his answers to my questions about Morrnah.

I feel truly grateful to have learned these fascinating insights about Morrnah from Eugene, and I hope that you benefit from what Eugene shared with me as much as I have!

Have a great week, and thank you for visiting my Ho’oponopono blog.

Kind regards,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

Can you please tell me how you met Morrnah, and what were your experiences of her?

I met her at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel at Waikiki Beach in 1971, when I was a photographer at the Luaus.

I met Morrnah through some massage therapists who were working at the Health Spa on the basement level under Morrnah’s direction.

Morrnah sat at her reception desk, which had a wooden sculpture of a hand, life-size though abstractly carved. When I sat in front of this hand’s energy projection from the open palm, I could feel some energy coming my way from it.

Everything about the place was of a healing nature. The atmosphere there was timeless and the sense of space was expansive and unlimited.

She was a gentle soul who spoke little but felt a lot.

She inspired relaxation, trust and a sense of deep peace.

She had been trained in healing since she was three years old. She was a very right-brained person; she didn’t try to explain things.

One could just feel something special in her presence.

My impression is that she was sending healing energy through her silence and intent.

She was very loving and soft-spoken.

How did she speak? – Did she speak in English?

She spoke perfect English, but didn’t seem to like to talk too much.

Was Morrnah a cheerful person?

She was cheerful and kind, very approachable.

I felt intuitively that she knw me on some level and accepted me as I am.

Can you share any stories about meeting her, and perhaps your experiences of how she impacted your life? 

She told me she was working in “something special,” and that she would only speak about it when it was complete. It was only after my return from India, 12 years later, that we spoke again.

I told her that I had been practicing a special kind of Yoga under the guidance of a recognized Master. I shared some of the points with her, to which she cordially and affectionately agreed.

Her teachings  were very much in line with what I had been learning and practicing in India.

I had learned about what she was teaching, the updated Ho’oponopono, that could be done by a single person, unlike the original which required the participation of a whole family. We could say that the original form was really family therapy. It worked in old Hawai’i because the main values among the people back then included humility and harmony.

She said she was spreading the good word to others now that it could be done by individuals. She said that people were very receptive and sincere in learning about it.

She had taught it to some people at the United Nations, as well. I found that encouraging, for the sake of world peace.

So, I got the formal initiation in New York City from Dr. Hew Len around 1994 or 95.

The real purpose of Ho’oponopono, as Morrnah taught it, was to realize the true Self, our own divinity.

This is the same goal that I had been pursuing in India with my Guru.

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My Attract Wealth Seminar In Austin Texas with Joe Vitale and Ho’oponopono:

Hi All Ho’oponopono Insights Readers,

Last weekend I was very fortunate to attend Joe Vitale and Mark Ryan’s life changing “Attract Wealth Seminar” in Austin Texas.

The weekend was all about “the inner game” of attracting wealth and abundance into your life, and I was privileged to meet and spend time with some of the warmest, most genuine and abundant human beings that I have ever met.

During the weekend, I got to personally meet and talk to Joe Vitale, and his numerous presentations and insights during the weekend were truly invaluable, and just being in Joe’s presence made my whole trip and investment in the weekend worth every cent.

For over three years it had been my personal goal to meet Joe in person, and Joe welcomed me and made me feel as if he was welcoming me as an old friend. Joe and his girlfriend Nerissa Oden really added a magical vibe to the whole weekend, and meeting both of them is definitely an experience that I will never forget.

In one of Joe’s presentations, he revealed for the first time his “AAA Plan to Wealth” and all the various clearing and cleaning methods and techniques that he personally uses to help him attract abundance and wealth into his own life.

In this 48 minute video (filmed personally by Nerissa), you can watch and experience one of Joe’s very inspirational speeches, and personally get a taste of what this weekend was all about.

After 44.16 minutes, Joe describes Ho’oponopono and how he personally uses this powerful Ancient Hawaiian Healing Technique moment to moment in his own life, and how much this is helping him attract so much abundance. At this point you will also see me in this video, and Joe talking about the hand beaded South African Ho’oponopono Key Chain that I gave to him as a gift at the weekend.

This hand beaded South African Ho’oponopono Key Chain is one of the personal Ho’oponopono cleaning tools that I felt inspired to make (originally only for myself) to remind me to always be doing my personal Ho’oponopono cleaning, and I was really so thrilled that Joe, and all the people that I gave them to as gifts enjoyed them so much.

I also got to meet Joe’s younger sister Bonnie, who the original “Spiritual Marketing”, and now “The Attractor factor” was originally written for, and it was great to meet her after reading and hearing about her for so long through Joe’s teachings.

Joe mentioned that this was Bonnie’s first time ever to attend one of his conferences and hear him speak in public, and having her at the weekend really added another very special dimension to the whole weekend for everyone there.

Next week, I will write another post of some more of the truly wonderful people (like Mark Ryan. Craig Perrine, Bill HibblerLisa Coltman, Jerry Stocking, Ned Kraft, Jennifer McLean,20/20, Brian Dean, John Riley and many others) that I got to personally meet and spend time with at this life changing weekend experience at the fantastic Attract Wealth Seminar in Austin Texas.

If you enjoyed this post, please let me know by leaving your comment below. I always appreciate it when people take a few moments to leave me some feedback.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa



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