“Guaranteed Long-Term Internal Change with Ho’oponopono.”

Dear Friends,

Shortly after reviewing my bestselling Ho’oponopono Self-Hypnosis audio Tool – “Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind with Ho’oponopono,” Mark J. Ryan (the actual person who introduced Dr. Joe Vitale to Ho’oponopono) sent me this amazing testimonial:

“I really enjoyed Saul’s Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono.

His voice is very soothing and open so it takes you to a deep place where the Ho’oponopono Suggestions can get to the places they can work best and “Clean”.

I really enjoyed hearing all the different words Saul uses that Dr. Hew Len said had a special effect. “Hot Chocolate” was my favorite…especially the way Saul says it in his South African accent.

I am sure this Audio will help you and lighten you as well.

I also know Saul and the Spirit and Heart that he has is a part of this audio.

You will be well served to Buy this audio as soon as possible and start clearing the way to a better life

I really enjoyed it Mate!


Mark J. Ryan

Master and Trainer of Hypnotherapy, NLP & HNLP


“Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind with Ho’oponopono” combines The Law of Attraction, Hypnosis and Ho’oponopono and has helped over 1000 people in 34 countries create long-term internal change and enabled them to live much more fulfilling lives.

This audio is designed to implant deep into your subconscious mind, as living ongoing thoughts for you, profound insights from Dr. Joe Vitale’s life-changing Book “The Attractor Factor” while “cleaning” the problem causing memories in you unconscious mind, that have up to now prevented you from achieving the success you have always wanted.

All you do is put on your headphones, sit back and listen.

It’s guaranteed to work!

Find out for yourself what “Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind with Ho’oponopono” can do to improve your life right now. go see —


Kind regards,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

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