“How I got involved with Ho’oponopono.”

Dear Friends,

Have I ever told you how I got involved with Ho’oponopono?

It really is a great story…

For as long as I can remember, I found that no matter how hard I tried, I was still unable to fully engage The Law of Attraction and achieve the success that I had always longed for.

I was constantly experiencing reoccurring problems in my life and that for some reason I lacked the internal strength and Peace that I knew would allow me to be a success and live my life as a happy and contempt person.

And then after much searching, I finally came across Joe Vitale’s very powerful book: “The Attractor Factor”.

This was my first real introduction to the powerful Law of Attraction, and it reminded me of many things what I had once known on a subconscious level, but had somehow forgotten.

In this book, Joe Vitale described his proven “Five Step Formula” for achieving anything you want from the inside out. He masterfully explained, through the use of stories and examples in his own life, the way in which one’s improved thinking and beliefs directly leads to the improvement of one’s life.

And while this book excited me, and resonated with me on a very, very deep level, I knew that I first had a lot of personal inner healing and “inner clearing” work to do before I would be able to engage the Law of Attraction in any meaningful way.

This realization led me to seek the help of a hypnotherapist to assist me in working closely with my subconscious mind to clear out the old memories and blocks that, I was starting to realize, were holding me back in many different areas in my life.

And after only six months of learning and practicing to working very closely with my subconscious mind, I finally felt able to revisit that wonderful book.

And when I read it again, I felt as if I was reading it as a completely new person.

Not long after this, I was introduced, again by Dr. Joe Vitale, to the Ancient Hawaiian Healing Method of Ho’oponopono, which works on correcting error memories in the subconscious mind, that are responsible for replaying and repeating problems in our lives.

And shortly after reading “Zero Limits”, the first ever publicly available book on Ho’oponopono, I felt inspired to make the trip all the way from Johannesburg, South Africa, to London to attend a Ho’oponopono Weekend Workshop.

In the months that followed my return to Johannesburg, I felt inspired to create a Self-Hypnosis audio tool that would incorporate the powerful information in Dr. Joe Vitale’s Book “The Attractor Factor” and everything that I had been learning about the incredible Inner Clearing and Healing powers of Ho’oponopono.

And that is how I came up with the idea of creating Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono – a self-hypnosis audio tool that combines the powerful teachings of The Law of Attraction with the powerful Ho’oponopono problem-dissolving method.

“Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono”  is designed to implant deep into your subconscious mind, as living ongoing thoughts for you, profound insights from Dr. Joe Vitale’s life-changing Book “The Attractor Factor” while “cleaning” the problem causing memories in you unconscious mind, that have up to now prevented you from achieving the success you have always wanted.

It will reprogram your subconscious mind with the correct information, and at the same time, you will be removing the old memories in your subconscious mind that have been causing your problems to repeat.

This is by far the most popular Ho’oponopono self-hypnosis audio tool that I have ever created, and I am honoured to say that it is now helping thousands of people in over 38 countries live happier and more prosperous lives.

This is what Joe Vitale said about “Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono”:

“I am very impressed with this audio. It has multiple layers to it, each reaching your unconscious and loving it as it gently unfolds and reveals the flower inside: your own heart. A beautiful, relaxing, healing experience.”

Dr Joe Vitale, author Zero Limits

If my Ho’oponopono story speaks to you and you feel that this Ho’oponopono self-hypnosis audio tool can add value to your life, I strongly encourage you to check out the website and take action NOW!

Use it for thirty days, and then tell me how it’s changed YOUR life.

Kind regards,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa


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