“Boost Your Bank Balance With Ho’oponopono.”

According to Ho’oponopono, all money problems are caused by ancient programs (memories) in our subconscious mind.

Ho’oponopono teaches that these memories displace us from our original state of perfection and well-being, and are responsible for all the “problems” we experience in our life.

Ho’oponopono also teaches that the only way to truly experience abundance in our life is to have Divinity to erase the memories behind our money concerns.

Ho’oponopono is about loving our memories, until they dissolve, and all that remains in our subconscious mind is Divinity.

By mentally repeating one of the Ho’oponopono cleaning tools such as “Hawaii” or “Hot chocolate”, we give The Divine has a chance to come through with inspiration, erase our memories and solve all our “problems” for us.

Over the last few years I have come to realize that when I come from the Zero State (memory free) where there are Zero limits I don’t need intentions, because then I can simply receive and act on inspirations. And when I do, miracles seem to happen.

I also know that when I am constantly cleaning all my thoughts, whether inspiration or memory, I am better able to choose what is right in the moment.

Ho’oponopono has shown me how communicate directly with The Divine, and I find that when I am focused on my Ho’oponopono cleaning, unlimited peace, blessings and wealth seem to flow into my life.

Source: Zero Limits; News for the Soul Internet Radio.

© Copyright – Saul Maraney – 2010 – All Rights Reserved


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P.S. Here is a wonderful testimonial I received about my Ho’oponopono Audio product: “Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono” that I wanted to share with you:


This audio is fantastic. As the Law of Attraction works, this is just exactly what I needed right now. The suggestions are awesome, and they really are taking. Thank you so much for doing this with so much love. Everyone needs to get this!

Thank you, Saul!

Best Regards,”

Myril C. Shaw


2 Responses

  1. What do you mean by “tools like Hawaii and Hot Chocolate”?
    I haven’t heard these mentioned before.

    I have been using Ho’oponopono since June 2009 and have had some amazing results. Mind chatter that used to be continuous while driving (and maddening, too) is GONE. I also had a potentially serious health issue in the fall, and ALL the anxiety disappeared in only 2 days and it didn’t even come to mind. I had to wait nearly 3 months to see a specialist, and by the time I got there, everything was fine.

    Thanks for your blog. I enjoy what you write, and it inspires me and reminds me to remain consistent with this practice. It’s the most powerful thing I’ve found.

  2. I also had not heard of the cleaning tools “Hawaii” and “Hot Chocolate” — but they sound/feel great! I once saw a video where Dr. Len was eating ginger snap cookies and he said they were also a cleaning tool. I have heard many others here and there, but there doesn’t not seem to be a definitive list in one spot.

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