“Ho’oponopono and the Powerful Benefits of Being Grateful.”

Ho’oponopono is about taking 100% responsibility for everything that we perceive in our life, simply because it is in our experience, and teaches that if something comes up in our awareness, then it is up to us to clean on it.

Ho’oponopono reminds us that the intellect is always engaged in data (thinking) as opposed to letting go, which is very difficult to do

Ho’oponopono teaches us to thank our memories (thinking) for giving us the opportunity to clean, as opposed to engaging with our conscious mind (having an opinion – good or bad) which causes us to be stuck.

Ho’oponopono is about loving the memories which cause us uncertainty and pain in our life, and talking to the Divinity in us who knows why we are unclear. When we resist our memories they tend to hang around with us forever.

Ho’oponopono is done so that we can return to a pure heart (the way we were created) so that we can be ONE with The Divinity, and The Divinity can inspire us.

With my Ho’oponopono cleaning I am allowing The Divinity, who created me, to erase the memories and release them from my soul, so that what is left in their place is Zero. This will enable me to return to my original state of mind, which is in the image of The Divine (Void and Infinite).

Source: Zero Limits; News for the Soul Internet Radio.

© Copyright – Saul Maraney – 2010 – All Rights Reserved


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P.S. Here is testimonial I received from a subscriber of mine about my Ho’oponopono Audio product: “Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono” that I wanted to share with you:

“Hooponopono helps me keep low key. It helps me weather the storm of memories when they pop up. I love you, thank you, I’m sorry, please forgive me said silently to myself at a fast, slow, or medium pace helps me remain even–keeled. These little phrases along with Saul’s Ho’oponopono audio program “Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono” are tremendous aids to help keep me in the Here and Now even in the most stressful of situations.”

Marceps Gaston

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2 Responses

  1. I would like to copy this and send to my dear friend in Holly wood CA , who has asked me what to do about her problem of terrible memories. will this be okay with you if i send this to her. she does not have a computer so i would like to copy and send in the mail. thank you and i love your new website post. i am learning how to use wordpress and have a new website called tipsonimprovingyourlife@wordpress.com in case you want to read it.

  2. Saul,
    Thank You so much for updating me on your posts! I am forever grateful for the truth and freedom I am experiencing through this loving practice of living 100 % responsible.

    I pray for your continued sucess and happiness!


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