“Ho’oponopono, Trust and Inspiration.”

Through Ho’oponopono I have come to realize that 99.99% of the time my mind follows The “Law of Memory”, and that ONLY when my mind is Void of all thoughts can I receive Inspiration from The Divine.

According to Ho’oponopono, The garbage (memories) in us wants to be released and set free, but by consciously engaging and not cleaning, we resist and hold on.


Now when I experience anger, judgment or worry, I say to The Divinity in me: “I Love You; I am sorry; Please forgive me for whatever is going on in me that is causing me to experience anger; Thank You, and Thank You for this opportunity, because I didn’t even realize that this memory was there.”

I know that 99.99% of the time I am in reaction (judgment, blame, anger) and I don’t even realize it.


Ho’oponopono teaches that Inspiration can only come through when there is NO resistance from memory, because either I am being run by memory and patterns, or I am allowing The Divinity to provide me with Inspiration.

I now know that it is my responsibility is to clean whatever memories are in me, so that whatever flows out of me comes out of Love and Inspiration, and not from memory (which is a reaction).

It is very exciting to realize that my only job is to be 100% responsible by cleaning up anything going on in me (my memories) that I am not even aware of, and leave the rest in The Divinity’s hands.


Source: Zero Limits; News for the Soul Internet Radio.

© Copyright – Saul Maraney – 2009 All Rights Reserved


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P.S. Here is an incredible testimonial I received about my Ho’oponopono Audio product: “Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono” that I wanted to share with you:

Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind with Ho'oponopono

“Dear Saul

Thank you very much, it is a great honour  to have the opportunity to write about  my experiences with Ho’oponopono.

The first time that I knew about this technique was 5 months ago when a friend sent me some information, it was really interesting and very simple I thought, so decide to investigate  deeper.

Then I found your site, and could understand better the way it works.

Then I bought the Cd’s.

I began to hear the cleaning tools on October 30th this year, and began to feel that I was really improving about 10 days after. But the most important thing is that I am learning that I have to be alert of everything that is happening within me, and I have to also learn how to keep my mind on the present time.

That is what I am working on.

Before I used to feel sad and think the world was horrible and nothing could possibly change this. Now I know I have to feel what is happening and focus inside me, do my cleaning and wait patiently.

Well Saul, thank you very much indeed for all this very helpful information.

Best regards,”



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