“Ho’oponopono Is Only About The Individual Doing It, But Most People Don’t Get That.”

Ho’oponopono is about letting go and recognizing that all the ‘problems’ that we perceive in our life are caused by the ancient memories in our subconscious minds.

By recognizing this and doing our Ho’oponopono cleaning (by mentally repeating one of the Ho’oponopono cleaning tools) we are taking 100% responsibility for everything that we experience and we are giving The Divine permission to dissolve these memories to nothing and give us Inspiration.

The whole aim of Ho’oponopono is to rid the subconscious mind of these ancient memories and to reestablish a connection with The Divine.


At the Ho’oponopono weekend workshop that I attended in London, Dr Hew Len started off the morning by saying: “We keep thinking we are here to save other people, but we can’t, because we can’t even save ourselves!”

Whenever we experience any sort of “problem” in our life, it is an opportunity to continue with our Ho’oponopono and appeal to The Divine to erase the problem-causing memories in our subconscious minds, rather than analyze it or try to push it away, which causes resistance.


The biggest realization that I have received from Ho’oponopono is that my conscious mind has the gift of choice. It can choose to engage in thought, analyzing and ‘coping’, OR it can choose to be free by letting go of memories and returning to Freedom. And the greatest service I can do for others is to first be at peace myself and focus primarily on my own Ho’oponopono cleaning.


© Copyright – Saul Maraney – 2009 – All Rights Reserved


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P.S. Here is testimonial I received from a subscriber of mine in The USA about my Ho’oponopono Audio product: “Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono” that I wanted to share with you:

Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho'oponopono

“I just got some fabulous results I’d like to share with you. Maybe it can help you as well.

Today, I let my mind run amuck all day in overpowering waves of burnout at my current high-stress job of 10+ years. Everyone else has long gone home and I’m stuck here once again alone, in tears and on the verge of quitting. I know better. I have studied for years now and yet I still have attracted this moment. I know I can change it and myself with a little focus.

I remember that I have a new recording of Ho’oponopono from Saul and I put my headphones on and play it as I continue working through tears of sadness and frustration. As I’m listening and not really ” wanting” to change my current thoughts, I can’t help but to soften. Saul’s comforting tone, easy-to-listen-to South African accent, beautiful phrases and suggestions start to absorb my pain-filled tears.

I turn up the volume and welcome the beautiful words of what I TRULY want to attract and focus my mind on. The words of Joe Vitale’s “Attractor Factor” being spoken are sinking in and warming my heart. I remember how lucky I felt to have met Saul in person and how sitting next to him at dinner felt comfortable, like sitting with one of my own brothers discussing the benefits of Ho’oponopono. My tears have now changed from sadness to tears of gratitude before the recording even ends. I remember how very lucky I am to have attracted gifted friends like Saul into my life and I can now easily focus on all I am grateful for in my life. I am truly blessed and I will now remember to use this recording before I get stuck again.

Thank you Saul. This is a wonderful gift.”

Alissa Fereday



3 Responses

  1. Hi Saul,

    Thank you for making these important points about our temptation to “save” others, or to teach them Ho’oponopono because we think they “need” it. You’re so right that most of us don’t understand about this. I appreciate the opportunity to clean.

    Peace of I,
    Pam Pappas

  2. Hi Saul,
    What you have written here is so true. Sometimes have found myself wanting to tell people that tell me about a problem to start practicing Ho’oponopono. Sometimes I have. And sometimes I have told them thank you for telling me because I know I have co-created and I must clean. More often now I just clean!
    Thank you for posting this blog!

  3. Dear Saul,

    This was the most “inspirational” post yet on your blog. 🙂 “Inspired action” comes to mind for me ~ action we take as a result of some kind of inspiration we feel…and it flows so much easier than all of that forced action anyway!

    Subconsciously, we can be “moved” to “do” many things throughout our days…we KNOW what feels good or not, and the serendipity that follows can guide us, as well, whether we are keeping in alignment and peace within ourselves or beginning a movement that begins a butterfly effect with others. I feel we most certainly should follow our inspirations ~~ more often than not, they involve moments of helping ourselves so that we can help others.

    Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

    Much Love,

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