“Receiving Inspiration With Ho’oponopono”

The word Ho’oponopono means “to correct errors” and the idea of Ho’oponopono is that all the problems that we experience in our lives are caused only by the ancient memories replaying in our subconscious mind.

Ho’oponopono teaches that as long as these ancient memories are present they block Divinity from giving us Inspiration, and that opening the way for the inflow of Inspiration first requires the canceling of these ancient memories.


Ho’oponopono is about appealing to The Divinity to take these painful memories that we all store in our subconscious minds, neutralize and erase them, so that we can be One with The Divine and receive Inspiration.

Ho’oponopono has made me realize that everything that appears in my life is only a projection of these ancient memories. Therefore I am attempting to do non-stop Ho’oponopono cleaning because I know that when I come from Zero, synchronicity happens.


Ho’oponopono teaches that when we come from the Zero state, where there are no limits, we don’t need intentions because in this state we are simply able to receive and act on inspirations from The Divine. And from there miracles happen.

I now know that we are not in control, so the greatest thing I can do is agree to each moment and let go, allowing the divine to inspire me, because the divine has all the power – not me.


Source: Zero Limits; News for the Soul Internet Radio.

© Copyright – Saul Maraney – 2009 – All Rights Reserved


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P.S. Here is testimonial I received from a subscriber of mine about my Ho’oponopono Audio product: “Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho’oponopono” that I wanted to share with you:

Reformatting Your Unconscious Mind With Ho'oponopono

“I have been looking for easy – to –  use processes to clear out my unconscious mind. So when I discovered Saul Maraney’s new product that uses Ho’oponopono, I was excited. After listening to it for two nights in a row, I felt a lift in my deepest self, a release. The calming and hypnotic voice that Saul has, lulled me into a relaxed and receptive state that drifted me off into a pleasant night’s rest. Upon waking, the next morning, I felt lighter and brighter, and more clear on what was most important to do that day. I recommend this product to anyone who is ready to release in a deep way that which is holding them back from attracting what they want from life.”

Dr. Michelle L. Casto The Soul Coach, Teacher, Author and Philosopher



3 Responses

  1. Hi Saul,

    Great post my friend. Nice. Simple. Loving. To the point.

    When so much in the world is driven by memory, and focused on making things happen, your gifts here bring a welcome balance.

    In the spirit of Ho’oponopono,

    Twenty Twenty

  2. Hi Saul,
    So true. I have learned to keep cleaning so that I may receive divine inspiration on my next actions. Thank you! Wendy

  3. Hi Saul

    Thank you for your insights. They are most helpful and inspiring at a time when I need clarity.

    Kindest Regards

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