“New ‘Zero Limits (Live From Maui)’ DVDs Bring Ho’oponopono And Zero Limits To Life!”

Dear Friends,

Dr. Joe Vitale just released the DVDs of a private 2-day weekend event, featuring himself and the legendary Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, called: Zero Limits (Live From Maui)


You may know Dr. Vitale as the #1 best selling author of ‘The Attractor Factor’ and ‘Zero Limits’, or for his appearance in the hit movie and book ‘The Secret’.

This incredible 2-day Zero Limits (Live From Maui) experience will bring everything you have learned about Ho’oponopono and Zero Limits to life, and will assist you in being able to start putting Ho’oponopono to use in your everyday life right now.


This program comes with my highest recommendation, and I know that it will be of great value to you.

Have a great week.

Kind regards,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa


Dr. Joe Vitale and Saul Maraney

P.S. Please check out my downloadable Ho’oponopono products at:




One Response

  1. I have just started to watch the zero limits seminar and it is everything I’d wished for. I feel like I am really there and Dr Len is wonderful. I higly recommend this experience to anyone who always wants more of Ho’oponopono!

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