My Attract Wealth Seminar In Austin Texas with Joe Vitale and Ho’oponopono:

Hi All Ho’oponopono Insights Readers,

Last weekend I was very fortunate to attend Joe Vitale and Mark Ryan’s life changing “Attract Wealth Seminar” in Austin Texas.

The weekend was all about “the inner game” of attracting wealth and abundance into your life, and I was privileged to meet and spend time with some of the warmest, most genuine and abundant human beings that I have ever met.

During the weekend, I got to personally meet and talk to Joe Vitale, and his numerous presentations and insights during the weekend were truly invaluable, and just being in Joe’s presence made my whole trip and investment in the weekend worth every cent.

For over three years it had been my personal goal to meet Joe in person, and Joe welcomed me and made me feel as if he was welcoming me as an old friend. Joe and his girlfriend Nerissa Oden really added a magical vibe to the whole weekend, and meeting both of them is definitely an experience that I will never forget.

In one of Joe’s presentations, he revealed for the first time his “AAA Plan to Wealth” and all the various clearing and cleaning methods and techniques that he personally uses to help him attract abundance and wealth into his own life.

In this 48 minute video (filmed personally by Nerissa), you can watch and experience one of Joe’s very inspirational speeches, and personally get a taste of what this weekend was all about.

After 44.16 minutes, Joe describes Ho’oponopono and how he personally uses this powerful Ancient Hawaiian Healing Technique moment to moment in his own life, and how much this is helping him attract so much abundance. At this point you will also see me in this video, and Joe talking about the hand beaded South African Ho’oponopono Key Chain that I gave to him as a gift at the weekend.

This hand beaded South African Ho’oponopono Key Chain is one of the personal Ho’oponopono cleaning tools that I felt inspired to make (originally only for myself) to remind me to always be doing my personal Ho’oponopono cleaning, and I was really so thrilled that Joe, and all the people that I gave them to as gifts enjoyed them so much.

I also got to meet Joe’s younger sister Bonnie, who the original “Spiritual Marketing”, and now “The Attractor factor” was originally written for, and it was great to meet her after reading and hearing about her for so long through Joe’s teachings.

Joe mentioned that this was Bonnie’s first time ever to attend one of his conferences and hear him speak in public, and having her at the weekend really added another very special dimension to the whole weekend for everyone there.

Next week, I will write another post of some more of the truly wonderful people (like Mark Ryan. Craig Perrine, Bill HibblerLisa Coltman, Jerry Stocking, Ned Kraft, Jennifer McLean,20/20, Brian Dean, John Riley and many others) that I got to personally meet and spend time with at this life changing weekend experience at the fantastic Attract Wealth Seminar in Austin Texas.

If you enjoyed this post, please let me know by leaving your comment below. I always appreciate it when people take a few moments to leave me some feedback.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Saul Maraney

Johannesburg, South Africa

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Download your FREE Exclusive Ho’oponopono Interview with Mabel Katz Today!


3 Responses

  1. Hi Saul! Great blog post! I also added your Ho’Oponopono Simplified video to MY blog earlier today! Synchronicity!

  2. You are the cat’s meow! I love everything you’ve done and all of the hard work you do to teach other’s about ho’oponopono is phenomenal! What a cute accent !

  3. Hi Saul

    Wow you are a busy person indeed! Sounds like you had a great time with Joe Vitale and people. I am glad. I would love to meet him as well, only time will tell. Keep up the great work!



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